Hello ultimate guitar I went to my local guitar shop and saw a fantastic looking fender hanging on the wall it was a fender so Cal stray speed shop with the red and white graphic I picked it up to play and fell in love with it so I looked at the price and to my astonishment it was 6000 rand which is about 600 dollars, so I asked the owner of the shop why it was so cheap and he said it had been in the shop a while, so I did some research online and found prices like 1650 dollars and that only 200 of them were made, could this be possible?
They aren't worth that much really, $600 seems to be about right. Looks like a couple sold on ebay in the $500-$700 range. Congrats on the new guitar!
Not sure where you saw 1650, these guitars were $599 brand new when they came out. There's also this used one on eBay that went for $500 plus $100 shipping just last month:

So they haven't lost much value, probably because they didn't make many, but you certainly haven't found the best bargain ever, or even a particularly good one. Fender does limited runs of guitars all the time, so "1 of 200" doesn't mean a whole lot, unless the guitar was particularly valuable to begin with. This one wasn't - it was just a MIK Fender with an unusual paint job.

If you love the guitar, go for it. You'll probably never see another one like it, which is cool. It's not all about the money.
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If you dig the guitar, go for it. Sounding good with a somewhat unique look is always a good combination.