Good afternoon!

I'm looking for a bridge humbucker for my Axl Player Deluxe strat. In future, this 'bucker will be moved into other guitars, most likely a LP, an explorer, or another strat.

Currently, I do not play through an amp. I just record through an amp modelling pedal straight to the laptop. My rig is as follows:

Joyo JF-14 American Sound pedal.
Axl Player Deluxe strat.

I play classic/hard rock, bands like Boston, Heart, Pat Benatar and Meat Loaf, although I have also been known to play bands like Whitesnake, Poison, Ratt and Dokken from time to time.

My budget is £150. I would prefer for the brand to be relatively easy to get hold of, because I don't really fancy travelling or buying online, but I would be comfortable doing so if it was the only option.

With this criteria in mind, what bridge 'bucker would you recommend, and why?

Thanks in advance,


Fender MIM Standard Telecaster
Joyo JF14 American Sound Pedal

At some point in the future

Fender Mustang V (V.2) head and cab
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That was my thought too. If your setup is particularly bright already you might not want a JB, but in general it's a great fit for a Strat for a ton of different styles, especially the ones listed.
also a dimarzio tone zone will sound great in a strat...in fact I prefer that to a JB with alder (not that your guitar is likely to be alder)
Could even just save changing the pickguard and stick a JB Jr in there
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