Hey Guys! I need your help for a purchase.. I've been playing guitar for 3 years now on a Cheap Stratocaster copy that I got for what is the amercian equivalent of 150 Dollars.
I want to buy a new guitar, keeping in mind: 24 Frets(I can be flexible on this), Atleast one humbucker, Impeccable tone, a good tremolo system. It should be between 300-320 dollars. Fire away the suggestions!
If I'm able to get a genuine Fender Strat for that price, should I take it? Or rather should I buy a generic guitar from any other brand? I've come to like the feel of my strat and am not sure whether I could adjust that easily..
It all depends what style of music you're playing. If you're comfortable with the strat, and feel that it suits you musically, then yes, your best bet is to step up to a higher quality Fender strat. If you're looking for something with great tone, a bridge humbucker, and a killer tremolo system, a Mexican made Fender would be ideal for you in this price range. However, if you want to delve into any heavier styles of music, I would recommend looking into a Japanese made Jackson Kelly. Generally, the price points are roughly the same (give or take a few dollars depending on condition of course), and the Jackson models will also offer great playability, a Floyd Rose style tremolo system, dual humbucking pickups, and a very rich tone. It all really depends on what your preferences are for your playing and music.