So, while perusing ebay last night I found a bunch of $200 aud diy guitar kits and got a little gasy.
Im not stupid enough to expect amazing things from it and I realise the hardware and electrics will be mediocre, but I can upgrade that kinda stuff over time.
So.anyway, my question is does anyone have any experience with these? Are they worth the small outlay? It seems like a fun project and a good starting point to learn some luthier skills to maybe one day build a guitar from scratch for myself.
Thanks in advance for any help or recomendations.
For the most part, there's no better way to learn about how a guitar works and how to work on one than to put one together and fix all the weird little things that aren't quite right at first. I'd say go for it. If you post the particular kit you were looking at maybe someone who's used that particular one can chime in.
Thanks Roc. I was looking at the flying V model from guitarmakersemporium.com.au
Guitar kits are something I would definitely have done at some point, but not so much these days. For starters, the various Korean guitars are near the same price, near the same spec and ready to play. I'd rather play the guitar than get myself glued to one.

That said, I'm all over DIY speaker cabinets from speakerhardware.com. I can save maybe a couple of hundred bucks per cab or more (these are $800 or thereabouts bass cab flat packs with a single 15", a 6" mids and a 1" tweeter and everything necessary to complete them, including finishing supplies).