Hey, I'm Caleb! I'm looking for some guys that are into some softer rock stuff along the lines of: John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Ben Rector, and Jason Mraz (to name a few). After reading all the posts for the past few months, most of the "rock" I've found has tended to be more in the Metal category. So I figured I'd see if anybody's interested in working together through online recording and such to see what we can get together. I write my own songs and I love to cover the artists listed above. Let me know if you're interested! Looking for anybody interested in it.


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i use logic pro 9 or 10. Someone currently has borrowed my interface but would be able to get it back. What program are you using?
I use mixcraft but my equipment is in storage for a couple more months. Do you have any samples of things you've played/made?
Im a real good rythm guitarest i play like bob dylan mixed with a hint of grunge im also a good vocalist and really need help getting some where with my talent so it would be great