How much does guitar repair cost?
My electric guitar when plugged has static sounds and when I move the connection is lost and there is no sound coming out from the amp. I have to wiggle the wire around and change position to get the sound back.

I'm a noob so I don't know
No, I haven't. But, I want to make sure that that is the only thing wrong with my guitar. It wouldn't cost much right?
First... make sure its not the cable or the amp. Then look at the guitar. It could be a loose jack, bad switch, who knows.

I had spent 5 hours rewiring it 5 times trying to figure it out. I gave up. Took it to GC. We found out it was a bad switch that checked OK when put on a meter. Very weird. It cost me $75.
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Most likely your problem is with the jack.

First try another cable just in case. What can happen in most cases is (1) the nut that holds the jack in place has come loose which can make you cable connection wiggle. or (2) the piece on the inside the presses against the tip of the cable is not contacting properly.

To fix # 1 You need to tighten the nut, but you ***MUST*** hold the jack from behind. it may require removing the jack plate ( 2 mounting screw type) or opening control cavity on back and holding the jack in place from there. If you just tighten the nut from the outside you run the risk of spinning the jack and breaking a wire connection.

To fix #2 you still need to remove the jack, then ***SLIGHTLY***bend the long piece of the jack inwards so that it makes good contact with the cable end.

#1 is more common.

Try that before you spend money at a repair shop.
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