I had some pretty good comments on a song where I did the singer's melody and decided to give it another shot on a new song. It's a WIP as everything I post here but I intend to finish this one because I'm feeling a bit down right now and the melody talks to me, ya know. So tell me what you think about the singer's track and if it's realistic or not.
Rebirth of oneself.gp5
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Shite, it's all shite. Everything is shite. Scrap it all except the last bar of rests and start again.
</3 it hurts

I know the instrumentals are worth nothing but I thought the singing was good. Anyway I'm glad someone realises my talent for bars of rest thank you sir.
i know your main focus was the singing and not the instrument tracks, but the instrument tracks were pretty bad man. kinda distracted me from the vocal parts sometimes

as for the vocal track, first off, why wouldnt it be realistic? the fastest note value you have is a quarter note, and it doesnt even cover one octave; very simple and monotone, so there really isnt anything difficult about it

in an attempt to be respectful, i must ask, is this your first time writing vocal melodies? this sounds like something i would have written years ago
Well It's okay guys, I get it, it's boring and not oustanding. I tried different things and it didn't worked out well :P I'll keep up with more complex stuff, actually I'm working on a few songs focusing on guitars.

why wouldnt it be realistic

I've never played music with a singer and most music I listen to is either screaming vocals or ozzy osbourne alike (The Sword, some Tool, etc).
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but still, you didnt answer me; is this your first time (or one on your first times) writing vocal melodies? if so, i can totally understand, and like anything else, itll only get better the more you try

also, i apologize if i come across as rude or inconsiderate. im just giving you honest feedback
It's been the second time on writing vocals and I consider you've been respectful with me, I don't take it rudely.
well, just think "would i listen to this if i wasnt the one who wrote it?"

that question made me realize how dull and forgettable a lot of my vocal melodies were

also, if you dont already, try actually singing it. what better way to write a vocal melody than to sing one