(to elaborate: no, unless you want your recording to sound good)

EDIT to elaborate further: You can get USB microphones, which could do the job, but they are more geared towards radio/podcasting. If you're using a mic like a 57 (standard for guitar amps) then realistically you need an interface with preamps/converters.
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do you have any videos on how to do it? I desperately need to know aht equips im going to use.
Have a look at the interfaces sticky.

Unless you want something really complicated you just need one of them, plus one or more microphones, plus one or more cables.
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You should absolutely get one of these;

Or something similar. That's the only equipment you'll need.

Your computer will not properly accept a microphone without one. It's also great cause it has two inputs, so if a friend comes over you can record your jams. It's worth every penny and an added bonus is that you can plug the guitar directly into it and use amp simulation software with headphones, which does sound quite good, meaning you can play and record late into the night without disturbing anyone. I use mine every day.

PM me if you'd like further explanation
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do you have any videos on how to do it? I desperately need to know aht equips im going to use.

Look at the interfaces sticky!
how can I get that lo-fi recording like the one john frusciante used in recording niandra lades? and that interface you suggested to me , is there some kind of requirement? like pc requirement so I can use it without hassle
^ If you have usb you're set. Your computer hardware will effect your DAW though, and will limit how many tracks and effects you can run at once. As long as your computer isn't running Win '98 you should be fine.

I have a Focusrite Saffire 6, since replaced by the Scarlett 2i4 I believe, and it's a workhorse. 2 instrument/mic inputs, 4 outputs, superb preamps. I'd recommend focusrite's stuff over m-audio.
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Im saving my money for getting a new amp, so is there anyway to record songs with just a standard microphone direct into a computer?
Knowing john frusciante (not personally, but how cool he is). He would probably use a non computer based recording setup (paarticurly for the earlier stuff). Possibly old school.
TEAC X-300R go for real cheap. tape isn't cheap though.