So i released a new cover, first thing you got to know is that i took the original song turned it to mono and cut all the low end from it, now that removed most of the detail of the original song and gave me room to work on, and by turning it mono it removed the original grungy guitars playing at the left and right channels.

Thing is i'm a soundtrack producer and i like mixes that sound right . . so even though it's a guitar cover i kept the vocal as the center of the song as it should be . . so some people complained they can't hear the guitars but i think the mix is good . . do you think that if i present a guitar cover i should make the guitars the center of the mix even though it has vocals ? and even if it was an original song that wouldn't be the case ?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated !

"so some people complained they can't hear the guitars"

I can hear them... but hardly. you can still make the mix sound good if you turn up the guitars a bit... i mean.. why else did you make a video of 2 people on a guitar rocking out if you can hardly hear them... whats the point?
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It's just the original song took up all the high freq of the mix and thats where all the "Feel" of the guitars and if i would turn them up it would make it a mess but i think that i made a mistake presenting it this way . . because i wanted it to be mixed well such as a producer would do it, so i made a decision. maybe i should have released it with a still picture.