Anyone familiar with this model?? how does it compare with the big boys??? playability, performance on stage amplified??? i'm unable to visit a shop that carries Guild just Tak and Taylors-i own a Tak EF360SC-just wondering if the Guild will hold its own to my Tak which is quite bassy and i like that.
i haven't spent much time with the D150CE, but i thought it was pretty nice. my experience with taks is that they tend to be quiet compared to other brands of guitar, and the guild GAD models will hold its own easily. the rosewood will add some bass and overtones, and guilds make some nice dreads.
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Like Patticake said, the D means Dreadnaught in the Guild world. I am looking at an F-30CE. Anybody know what an F means in the Guild model line? Looks kinda like a Grand Auditorium?
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Go to guild Web site, heaps of info. F = Fender . Cheers