Hi there,
I am new here, this is my 2nd post and sorry about my english, I'm from Italy.

I just purchased a new Fender Mustang Floor, a really nice multi-effect pedal, sure you know it better than me.
Since now, I used to play with a vintage (early '70s) Pignose amp: it is great, nevertheless I can't use my new multi-effect pedal with it.

So, here is the point.
What do you think is the best amp to use combined with my new pedal?
Is it true that, to have a clean sound should I use transistor amp only?

I have few restrictions:
- no more than 300$
- no more than 30w (small space where to use it)

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...A Fender Mustang?
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Quote by Offworld92
...A Fender Mustang?

Redundant, no? That would be like running a POD into a Spider.

Just need some sort of clean power amp.
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Agree with Arby911. The Mustang amp would be redundant...

So, any suggestion considering my restrictions?

ANy clean amp will do the deed, it doesn't have to be solid state at all. In fact the power amp that Fractal sell to go with the AxeFX is a tube power amp.

The easiest way to go would be to find a powered foldback wedge. Go for one with a 12" speaker and >=100W. Smaller ones are invariably shit.
A wedge will be useful for gigging as well. If you just want it for home, grab some powered studio monitors.
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i'd just run it though a power amp and some monitors.

you can get any practice amp (preferably one with an effects loop) and run it with that.

no, it is not a necessity you get a transistor amplifier (you can run a tube amp), but you'll notice that your price points will favor a transistor amplifier.

edit: why can't you just plug it into the pig nose. it is effectively what you'll be doing with most other practice amps (that don't have an effects loop)
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How about a Pignose Hog 20?

I just found one brand new for $80bucks.