So someone is trying to sell a bullet strat squier. They say that they will trade it for a crossbow, or cash. The ad says,

"I have a squire bullet strat that I would like to trade for a working, good condition, late model crossbow. This guitar looks great, and sounds great. The guitar comes with a case, amp cord, and extra pics. The estimated value of this is $200-$250. Guitar is in GREAT SHAPE...

Contact ****** (we can call him Danny for our purposes)
9am-9pm only
if no answer leave a message"

I seriously laughed out loud at this (too bad UG won't let me post the link....). Some people in my craigslist area are so naive.... I hope you thought this humourous as I did. Hahaha cheers!
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Don't worry, a lot of people are like this. They buy cheaper guitars ($300 and under) for their kids or themselves, they stay in the cases for a few years, and the owner things that they can get the same price as what they paid for it.
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Can't you get a bullet for $100 US brand new?

Edit: Yes. New on Amazon $119.99. $179 if you want the accessory pack too!
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give him a hand made bow and arrow. You know a pointing stick and a curved stick fair trade..
Theres a Bullet Strat at my local Cash Converters (hyper priced pawn shop for non-Aussies) for $279... and its junk.
I sold my Squier Tele for $450 used with no case. It wasn't even MIJ, it was an older 96 Pro-tone fat tele (which are amazing guitars). They sell for $300+ all the time on ebay
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