Hey, I'm trying to play my new Epiphone Les Paul Electric guitar with my Belcat KA-25RC Acoustic Amp. Don't seem to be getting any sound. I've tried playing with volume and such on my guitar and amp but still not getting any sound.

The amp works perfectly with my Martin DCX 1RE.

Any ideas as to what's going on?
It could be the cable too if each guitar has its own. Dime all the volumes too.
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The seller said that it worked at half volume compared to his gibson les paul on his amp. Volumes are all maxed on the guitar. I managed to get the smallest of sounds when I maxed the volume on my amp as well (still quieter than me strumming the strings w/ no amp).

Hmm, well when I plug my LP in the amp, it seems to be a much looser fit than when I plug it into my Martin. Are there different types of cable sizes? I'm pretty sure I've been using the standard 1/4 size.

I've tried to raise pickups with no luck.