Hello everyone, I am very looking forward to start my own thrash/heavy metal project, I'll be doing rhythm guitar duties.
I would like to know, can anyone help me come up with a rigid practice schedule to build my metal rhythm guitar chops, writing own songs? (Links, videos, articles etc)
I can make 45mins-1hr a day (I have a day job as well :P) and on weekends 2 hours.

Thanks a lot!
An hour a day minimum and you will need to focus on stamina in your right forearm for downpick chugging and alternate picking chug and consistency.

I found this lesson really helpful with Mark Morton from Lamb of God. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUUoHn0RvwI

The whole series should be pretty helpful.
I just recommend studying the metal rhythm guitar parts you like. Just slow them down and learn them and get them up to speed.

Now i don't know what kind of thrash/heavy metal you like, but just take bands you like and learn them. Many Thrash/heavy metal band have extremely good rhythm playing. Testament, Exodus, Annihilator, Lamb of God etc. There are many bands in different styles of metal you could study that would improve your playing greatly, the point is just to slow down and play it at a tempo you actually can play it perfectly and work from there.
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Since I practice metal rhythm a lot recently, I'll tell you what I do, and things that helped me improve dramaticly. Like Scott Ian says: "there are 3 main things in metal rhythm guitar- downpicking, gallops, tremolo picking". Off course, therer are things in between
For downpicking, I practiced Iced earth song Disciples of the lie, and thats for single string downpicking; the different thing is string crossing downpicking, which is thoughter, and for that master of puppets aff course; next, down picking on high E string with downpicking power chords in between on A string(kinda different animal), and for that I do megadeth's Washington is next verse riff. For themolo picking on single string - Slayer's angel of death, but you need to consider tremolo picking on high E with power chords on A string, which is , in my opinion harder, and for that slayer's black magic; for themolo picking string crossing (which is the hardest, for me at least), kreator's phantom antichrist, that's awesome song. Gallops, again, Iced earth's disciple's of the lie, a lot of high speed gallops through the almost whole song, which will greatly improve your stamina. Also, check out Lick library dvd- metal rhythm guitar in 6 weeks-it has good downpicking+ gallop exercises for stamina. That's what I basicly do, because every one of those techinques have different aspects that you need to practice all. Hope this helps, that's my rountine.

Also, I recently started to practice reverse gallops with UDU UDU UDU UDU.. pattern, for improving my upstroke, and I find this exercise really helpfull
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