Hey guys, this is a song by my shock rock band Muscle of love, it's called be mine, it's off our demo that's coming out sometime later either this year or early next year. I'd love to hear what you guys think of it!!!!
Muscle of Love Is:
Jake (Me, Dueling Lead Guitar)
Nick (Dueling Lead Guitar)
The Wolfman (Bass guitar)
Animal (Drums)
Taylor (Vocals)


Any crit/suggestions would be very appreciated!!! I will C4C!

Thanks From all of M.O.L.
As I listen,

The guitars sound quite good right off the bat - great work there! But the drums are a little distracting. They have this weird filtered sound to them and I think they could afford to be spaced out a bit. I'd also like to hear the snare a little hotter in the mix and the crash a little quieter. I don't dislike the vocals, but again they have a strange - and not necessarily appealing - filtered sound to them. I'd like it if they sounded a little warmer and I think they could be EQ'd a little better. The lead guitar is excellent! No reason for it to sit back in the mix! Overall I think this is a really solid song that could shine a lot brighter with just a few tweaks production-wise. Keep at it!

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