Hey guys-

I recently purchased an Engl Powerball v.1 and a Guitarfetish Greenie Classic tubescreamer pedal. Ive had a bad monkey for awhile, but I wanted to try something new- it was totally worth it.

First the amp- I dont know what it is about Engl amps but I am obsessed with them; particularly the original Powerball. I love the aesthetics of the amp and I think the sound is killer. The amp has gotten a lot of hate in the past, but I kind of think that it was mis-used (particularly the gain and mids). I keep my gain low (<11 o clock) on the lead channels and it sounds more clear and natural. The "open" mids mode is definitely scooped (even at 10), so I like to keep my mxr 10 band in the loop (clean and lead) boosting some of the upper mids. Focused mode sounds liquid and thick for leads. I also use a boost out front to really tighten it up and give it some serious attack. Other issues people had with them were fizzyness and over-compression. I replaced the pre-amp tubes with jj12ax7s and a 12at7 in v2 position. Tamed the gain a lot and reduced the fizz.

As for the Greenie Classic- what an outstanding pedal. I'm definitely going to purchase more GFS pedals (most likely the reverb next). First two things I noticed were that it is built like a tank, and the led when on is awesomely bright. It has three modes (classic, fat, and tight) and I prefer classic for its mid-hump. It works excellent as a light overdrive for clean, or a boost for lead.

I made a video because I wanted to exemplify some of the versatility of this amp, as well as my emg-equipped ltd eclipse guitar. Forgive any sloppyness and what-not. It was a fun improvisation.

Hope you guys enjoy. I may also upload a video to show how the Greenie is perfect as a boost for metal rhythm and solos.


Some blues improvisation on my Engl Powerball with my new GFS Greenie classic amazing pedal

Esp ltd ec-1000 emg 81/85 - GFS Greenie Classic -Engl Powerball - FX loop to MXR 10 band boosting high mids a moderate amount - boss dd7 - Carvin Legacy Cab v30s - Shure beta57a - USB dual tube pre project series - reaper w/ambience vst reverb effect

Started with clean w/ neck pup, then engage Greenie w/neck mess with volume knob a bit aswell, then switch to bridge, then switch to Engl PB Crunch channel w/ greenie still on, neck pup, then bridge w/ DD7
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