Hey UGers, I haven't frequented the site in a while but have been looking a bit these pass few days. I've had NGD's and NAD's that I haven't shared with the community... but since this just arrived a few days ago in the mail, I wanted to start a post about it. So here goes:

Initially I thought of this amp as just okay. It was incredibly bright. The stock speaker was brittle and fuzzy sounding at best, and with the volume at 3 or 4 the stock speaker would distort unevenly and bordered on horrid. I changed the stock preamp tube from a Sovtek WA 12ax7 to a Tungsol, but the true character(or lack thereof) lies in the cheap stock speaker. Until I changed the speaker this amp was not a serious part of my world at all. Pedals didn't help much, and I still used my bigger amps in bedroom practice.

With the new speaker, this amp has come alive. It is so loud! It now has a very nice warm tone. Tube break up is decent with the volume at 3 and 4. I cranked it to 7 or 8 and the higher power handling allows this speaker to get louder without breaking up badly. I like the Tone control to be under 3 or above 7. In between these numbers it sounds bright. The high-end roll-off is nice outside that range.

In these two recordings, I could not set the volume higher than 4, any higher and my roommates get angry. I tried the volume at about 7 for a short burst before getting scolded and it is very loud and the breakup was lovely, sadly volume 7 is not recorded. I feel like I could bring this little 5 watt amp to a band practice and it would fare very well. Sorry about my sloppy playing and the poor recording quality and about the drums stopping on the second song. The mic actually distorts a little but not much.

Crate V5, Celestion G10S, Tungsol 12ax7 Volume 3, Tone 8
Crate V5, Celestion G10S, Tungsol 12ax7 Volume 4, Tone 8

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sweet man

never even heard of the G10S-50. looks like a good get.
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Thanks. I think it's from the mid 80's. I was looking on eBay for a either a Vintage 10 or a cheaper Tube 10, at the point I just wanted anything to replace the cheap stock speaker, and came across this. Got it for $53.
PRS SE SC ♦ Dean Cadi ♦ Squier Strat ♦ Crate V5 ♦ AXL Akita AT30 ♦ Alhambra 4P ♦ Takamine f-349 ♦ Goodall KCJ
Boss ME-20 ♦ Monteallums modded TS9DX ♦ DOD Grunge ♦ #1Echo ♦
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