I recently listened to Dustin Kensrue's version of Silent Night, and it contains two very cool sounding chords that after countless repeats I can't figure out.

There is a 4 chord progression at the first "sleep in heavenly peace" and the second and fourth chords of this progression are the ones that I'm trying to figure out.

This occurs at 0:47 and 2:36 (although the latter is probably easier to hear because it is an instrumental break)

Hopefully somebody with a good ear can find out what these two chords are. Thanks in advance!

maybe ask in the musician talk forum, they're ninjas in there

in the meantime take a look at the random silent night tabs on UG, you might get some ideas.

that's what i did

Taking inpiration from UG's tabs (i.e just copying them) E major b9 (possibly omitting the low E string, so that'd be a second inversion of it, I guess) might be the second chord, and A minor/F# or maybe A minor 7/F# (so basically an A minor or A minor 7 with a major 6th in the bass) might be the fourth chord,

I don't think that's exactly all that's going on (as i said, MT will know far better than me), but maybe it's closer than you've currently got (or maybe not ).
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