Critting as I listen:
Wow man, im 40 seconds in, I love it already! I love the clean guitar tone, sounds very beautiful, and now the lead just kicked in, Im not as keen on the lead tone as i am on the clean tone, but the solo is really awesome, sounded a little abrupt going into it, but overall sounds pretty awesome so far. Loved the bends at 1:28, the phrasing on that was incredible! And holy S*** I just had to replay that 1:35 harmony (What can i say, im a sucker for harmonies!). I like how its breaking back down into quiet. The line after the snare hit after the quiet break sounds like punk mixed with tool to me. Im digging that as well. The segue outta that into the 2:45ish heavy part was again, kinda abrupt but it worked. The riff afterwards is cool, but imo, would sound much better with either a lead or vox over it. Well, then again, at 3:20 it segues into that lead part so maybe it worked. I like the spacey/dissonant feel to this lead, sounds sick. The 3:51 break was the best segue ive heard so far in this song. This part is actually the best part so far, damn i like this! OMG!!! That 4:17 section is sick. Dont like the segue back around 4:30, but that riff sounds very vai-ish to me, which i def dig. The acoustic at 5:15 was kinda unexpected for me, but that sounds almost neil youngish (Again, not a bad thing, i like it!). From that point til the end, that was sick dude!
After Listening:
Overall dude, Id give that song a 9/10, amazing song, kept my attention the whole time, didnt like some of the transitions, but overall, super sick man!!!!

thanks man! appreciate the detailed crit.. will do the same for yours