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2 22%
2 22%
0 0%
1 11%
2 22%
0 0%
B.C. Rich
0 0%
0 0%
1 11%
Others (write it)
1 11%
Voters: 9.
What's your favourite guitar brand ?

Mine is Gibson then Fender. Though I don't own one since they are not sold in Kuwait
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I don't have a true favorite brand; I have several guitars I like from companies like: Jon Kammerer, Fernandes, Reverend, Fret-King, Malden, RockBeach and Dean.

Then there are guitars I like I have yet to buy any of: Godin, Myka, Crimson, G&L, DBZ, Dean Zelinsky Private Label, Electra, J. Backlund...
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yeah I don't really play the fav brand thing. I may prefer certain guitars from certain brands but that hasn't stopped me from owning a wide variety of guitars from a bunch of different brands. no offense dude but kind of a noob poll
I guess my favorite brand would have to be LTD. I own a H1001 which I love, and I've played some other LTDs and I liked them all more than most other guitar brands I've played. For the money, I think they're a great deal (especially the deluxe series). I'd like to get an ESP someday, but for now my LTD's ample.
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