My guitar has 8mm bushing holes (should the bushings be glued in? A couple of them are loose).
I can't seem to find any tuners in 8mm as they appear to be a thing of the past.

Since these are labeled "classic" and 70's-80's (time of my instrument) maybe they are 8mm? Are they any good? I can drill 9mm or 10mm holes, but I'd rather not risk it.

Classic Keystone Tuners Chrome- Fits 70's, 80's Les Pauls

Do you know of any places that sell 8mm tuners? I looked around but I can't find anything...

Thanks for any information!
I have widened the holes on lots of guitars to accept 10mm modern tuners.

Drill it out, but tape both sides of the headstock. I also would mesure what the thickness of the headstock is. And don't drill all the way through. This will make the post more stable. Drill from back to the front

If you think you will do it often, www.stewmac.com has a peg-hole reemer bit that I bought they run $30 from what I remember, but a $5 10mm bit will work for a 1 time thing.
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So (duct?) tape around the headstock perpendicular to the length of the neck (or parallel to the nut?)

I'll just stick with a standard 10 mil and go real slow, seeing if the tuner fits in every time material is removed.