Hey guys,

I've been doing a ton of research over the past week in regards to purchasing a new guitar... I have managed to cut the list down to a possible 2 but am unsure which way I should go.. I am buying the guitar specifically for hard rock/metal purposes...

The 2 guitars which I am looking at are the esp ltd v-401fm... And the Jackson rrmg... The problem I'm having is that both of these guitars are very similar in specs and it is coming down to more of a preference thing.. I love the look of both of these axes.. Would generally prefer the emg 81\85 setup.. But would also like a mahogany body...

In your opinion plus a few tech specs which one is the better guitar?.. And why?.. I've done allot of reading and people generally go Jackson.. But don't really give a reason.. Any he'll would be great... Cheers...

Link to esp ltd v-401fm

Link to Jackson rrmg
Go with what you like, try both. I own an ibanez prestige and swear by it. Try every guitar in your price range. Steve vai only plays his ibanez, try some of their guitars. I would buy the Jackson if you like it as pickups and hardware can be switched but the mahogany body cannot.
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Never buy a guitar based on Internet reviews or YouTube videos.



Also, try them for yourself at the store and buy the one that feels better and more comfortable to you. Don't buy a guitar blindly.
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I don't know. I bought my Agile Al-3100 based on YouTube and UG reviews and it's probably the best instrument I've owned. I tried my PRS out for about 2 hrs at the store and when I took it home I noticed it choked out easily on the high frets when I bent the strings too high. Just make sure the guitar company has a good return policy.

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You need to try them. Guitars don't work on paper.

I would buy the Jackson because IMO it looks cooler.

They both have the same pickups so I would guess they sound very similar. I wouldn't care about woods that much - just try them and see which one you prefer (as I said, guitars don't work on paper - having a mahogany body doesn't necessarily mean it sounds the way you want or not having it doesn't mean it doesn't sound like you want). BTW, did you notice that the LTD is hardtail and Jackson has a Floyd Rose. Do you want a Floyd Rose?

When choosing a guitar, IMO feel is the most important thing. If the neck just doesn't feel good, I don't see a reason to buy it. That's why it's important to try the guitars.
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When choosing a guitar, IMO feel is the most important thing. If the neck just doesn't feel good, I don't see a reason to buy it. That's why it's important to try the guitars.


It's no good buying a guitar by sound only. You can always play around with your EQ/Tone settings and swap the pickups. But when the guitar just doesn't feel right, you're gonna be hating yourself forever for buying it. Also a general hint: Keep your hand from any cheap Jackson guitars.
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