Hello UG, been a while.

Does anyone have experience with the Earthquaker Devices Crimson Drive? There are several good videos up on YouTube, but as far as user-submitted reviews go, I can hardly find any. No one seems to own the damn thing. The only person I've seen that owns one is no longer active on his UG account...

Any input would be cool.
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Earthquaker falls a little bit on the other side of the "boutique" line. It's not a brand you can just walk into GC and buy off the shelf.

That means that the vast majority of people won't know anything about them at all. On top of that, this forum has a very strong presence of younger people, which also tends to coincide with small/low budgets and still developing tastes.

That said I'm a huge fan of EQD (I own a Hoof and an Organizer), but I know nothing about this pedal either, sorry! Haha. I would also recommend you ask over at TGP. That forum has a very strong presence of people with much higher average budgets to play with than here. Just don't stay over there too long, it's bad for ya! But seriously though...
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