Hayden's most recent piece inspired me to make this. you can kind of see that because I ripped off one bar.
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Which bar was that? Was it the opening drum fill? Or the opening chord progression on the Brass synth? Hardly a crime. I was always of the belief (someone said this on this forum much better than I'm about to) that "there are two kinds of artists, those who blatantly rip off other artists, and those who take someone's idea and put it in a new direction and context". So there is no reason to feel bad if you do.

Anyway, it's certainly not bad but I'm getting tired of the constant snare hits. I also changed the two instruments that aren't percussion to a distorted guitar and square wave and it sounds much better. Hang on, I'm about to upload something.

Check what I attached, you might like it or hate it. It was just four bars but it's a nice relief from the snare. I also removed the repeats.

Also, please C4C, there's no need for me to link it since you already know where it is.
deathycotre boss.gp5