Hi guys,
I am new to this thread and forum, and I am on the verge of buying a new or excellent used acoustic/electric guitar before the Holidays.

I love the Taylor neck and finish, and am looking at the 300 and 400 series solid wood bodies, but not the Dreadnaught so much. I prefer a GA or GC size and playability. I am also looking at the Larrivee LV-03, LV-05 and LV-09 (not sure what shape these designate? I am also considering a used Guild F-30CE, but have not played the Larrivees or the Guild yet. I know it will come down to personal feel and appeal

I am doing this for the therapy of playing more than for a career option, and am just starting again after laying off for 5-6 years. I am trying to rebuild my song memories and my fret callouses, to enjoy playing again, so I am looking for a silky smooth action, good tone for a living room venue, and will probably be playing mostly solo.

I know the Taylors are "bright", especially with .010s, which I prefer now, but I have some Cleartone .011s to try next . . .
If anybody has experience with any of these guitars, please give me some feedback?
Happy Holidays,
welcome in Larry. i can't speak much of the larrivees as i've never tried them. i do like guilds but have very limited experience with them.
the taylors... i can help you with them. i currently have 2 GA's, 2 GS' and a dread.
of all the bodystyles, i much prefer the larger Grand Symphony body. the smaller GA is more comfortable to play, the dread is too big for me but the GS... just like goldilock's preferences.... just right.
the GS tames the overly brightness of the taylor without giving up any of the crispness and clarity. it's a fantastic strummer and a very good fingerstyle guitar. the tonewoods i leave up to you. i myself prefer my 616ce the most. it's maple back and sides sound great with the larger body. the perfect marriage of material and size. maple in the smaller GA is just a bit too bright.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Thank you very much. You opened my eyes to a shape I had not considered until now, and what you suggested sounds really good now, and more in line with what I really want to grow old with in a shape and style of body. Looking to spend <$2,000, I could not find any used 600 or 700 Taylors (says a lot about how cherished they are . . . )

Since I posted last night, I have been looking at used guitars, and have now narrowed my choice to two: (1) A used Taylor 416CE AE Natural (Olangko/Spruce); and (2) used Fender Custom Shop Auditorium Solid Koa (~late 1990s, when Fender bought Guild, and had Guild luthiers custom build this Fender).

They're both GS shape, but the Fender has a flatter butt, and is 1/4" thicker, and doesn't project as well as the 416. Because I have spent 16 years in Hawai'i, and actually cruised the Koa forests for Racing Outrigger Canoe logs, and had a James Goodall Koa/Spruce 00, I am partial to the custom Koa/Koa Fender. It will have to be purchased &shipped from MN to S. FL for me to test, but I will have a 30-day return for full refund or store credit if it is not right . . . It sounds too good to be true, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The Fender was sourced from a collection by a broker, and is in AS NEW condition, too. Sounds like my decision is made, and I will be playing one or the other before the Holidays!
Thanks again for your sound advice and quick reply . . .