So my power button Blew on my Marshall VS100 8100(its about a 30 year old amp)

the part number is it4100200, which I can only seem to get from places that sell to manufacturers by the thousand. I only need 1.

Where can I get this part and the occasional other part?

According to the specs its just a DPST switch, but I'd rather just replace it straight up than have to deal with wedging a different switch or button into there and cutting the amp face etc.
Can you post a pic? It's a good bet that Marshall (or any amp company) no longer supports products that old.

You could try looking for the part you need on ebay.
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Tried ebay... no dice, emailed Marshall support. Hoping that they support some of their classic amps, otherwise I can just carve out a hole and put in a flip switch. Like those better anyways
Local luthier repair shops will find it. I had a Fender Bandmaster with a bad power switch. Took it to a shop where I bought it (used) and it took them 2 months to get it. Right after I got it home a buddy of mine took me to another shop across town and their repar shop had that switch as well as lots of New Old Stock (NOS) and reproduction parts. I have since bought all my parts and tolex there. They have the coolest guitars and stompboxes!

Look at all the places in your phonebook and ask who they recommend if they don't have it. Google search has helped me find some outrageously-priced parts, but I keep going back to the same place. You could wire the flip switch in temporarily until you find the right part, but I wouldn't just start hacking away at the amp.

Got any pics?
The amp is dissasembled along with the switch. the mechanism that broke is the tiny piece of plastic that holds down the switch when active, its just a little half mm plastic hook embedded in plastic.

Here is a stockish photo of the amp.


great sound by the way, bummer it broke. I've only had it a couple weeks.
So can you post a pic of the actual switch? It looks like it could be a common part, just take the old knob off the busted switch and put it on the new one. If it looks something like these, then replacement shouldn't be a big deal.

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