im planning on buying this buy i dont know if this is fake or real
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the link doesn't work.

It does work, just copy paste it into the url-bar (or however it's called)
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looks very iffy to me (i.e. everything looks wrong, but that's not to say gibson didn't bring out some weird modified version that i don't know about in the 70s or something like that), but i'm no expert.

also it looks to be in pretty terrible condition there, so even if it's not fake i'd be very wary about buying it.
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Just from googling "Gibson SG Custom", I see that every single one has a different bridge, and block inlays rather than dots. The knobs don't look right, and the top side of the body doesn't appear to have any bevelling. The design on the headstock also doesn't look right - should be shinier.
I'm not a pro at this but I'd guess it's a fake and caution you to stay away from it. But I'd wait and see what other, more knowledgeable users have to say.
Edit: Overall body shape doesn't look right either, the position of the pickup switch seems higher than it should be and the pickguard is different. Pole pieces on the pickups also aren't facing the right directions (although that could just be a pickup swap gone wrong or a weird preference from the previous owner).
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It does work, just copy paste it into the url-bar (or however it's called)

It showed "forbidden link" to me.
your going to wanna have a look inside the truss cover and the electronix......even a peek under the pickguard and the pickups.....

some reg. tell-tales of fakes are Three screws on the truss cover, odd head shape and the Gibson logo being a Little off.....the ones in the Pictures seem right

the dot inlays are odd but heres a post with some info


take some pics of the guitar, and the things I stated above and send it away to the good folks at Gibson and see if they can assist you...especially if you have a # on it that would help date it and authentisize it
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doesn't look right at all. not only is it in crap condition, i dont think there should be dot inlays, and where the neck binding where the headstock meets is off.
That just looks WRONG. I'd need a lot of convincing to even be brought up to "probably not fake" level.
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im planning on buying this buy i dont know if this is fake or real

Stop planning to buy this, unless you're exchanging a pack of bubble gum for it.

It's not a Gibson, it's not a Custom, it's in crappy shape, it has a lot of fret wear, it doesn't even look like a decent guitar. Seriously, if you're not paying well under $25 for it and planning to use it as a paddle, leave it alone.