I've been putting .018 and .019 rollerwound nickel strings for the g string on my Strat for some time. I do a lot of bends at the 14th and 15th frets, and the winding splits at the frets, which kills the sound on bends.

I've tried GHS and D'Addorio strings, and they do the same thing. I've run my fingers over the frets and can't feel anything. I can't see anything with a magnifier, either. I have no problems with solid strings.

Any ideas what might be causing this?
Did you contact GHS? What did they say?

Might just be the wound G can't handle the tension as well, and something about rollerwounds makes them a bit more prone to unraveling? I think there's a reason most sets have a plain G.
I'll have to call them. The GHS Rollerwound Nickel Wrap Light Gauge come with a wrapped .018 G string.
Quote by Roc8995
I think there's a reason most sets have a plain G.

Because blues players do lots of full-step bends on lower frets, which does not work well with a wound G. I’ve been using baritone sets with a wound G for years and a string has never unwound.
I've looked at the frets from all angles with a powerful magnifier. I don't see any flats on them. I'll look again.

I change strings every month or two. I don't play this guitar often. Maybe half an hour a day or half an hour every second or third day.
It’s got to be a problem with the fret. When bad strings come unwound, or strings get old and unwind, it happens at the bridge. Even if it was a problem with the strings the bad spot wouldn’t end up at the same fret every time.
The winding separates at frets where I do a lot of bends. That's been the 14th and 15th frets the last several months.

I called a tech guy at GHS today. He said that windings on the rollerwound nickel .018 string were too thin and too soft to stand up to 1 or 2 step bends for very long. He suggested going to a .022, which is too heavy for my fingers right now, or just sticking with the .019 solid steel. The alternative is to replace the string every week or so, depending upon how often I play songs that require wide bends.