Every band needs a website. It's important for fans to see when you're playing, allows them to listen your latest songs/videos, and much for.

I am willing to set-up and run your website for you if you don't know how, don't have the time, or whatever reason; free of cost.

On the website I'd like to include a blog (which will include posts from me, as well as posts from you if you wish), videos/photos if you have them, lyrics if you want them up there, biography, contact info... if you have songs/albums for sale I can set something up for viewers to easily buy them, tour dates, anything else you want.

Now this would be on a free host, which would mean you pay nothing at all. If you wanted paid hosting, I'd essentially need money to cover that.

If interested, email me at cjkshutout@yahoo.com with the subject (Band Website), PM me here, and post here. If you email, or PM me, please post here in case it goes to spam or I miss it.

Please Include:
Band Name
Facebook page/myspace page if you have it
Email address

And then I will email you and we'll take it from there.

Not necessarily, no.
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What's the catch?

No catch at all. I just need to create a website or two for my resume for freelance work I do. I find it easier to do when its a site that serves a purpose like a site for your band than something random. I'll keep maintaining it for however long you want and need just to keep up with the trends.

Any interest?
I make my own band site. That's very kind of you to offer someone that though. Someone should take that offer up. Great deal if it's free.
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