I've been meaning to upgrade the electronics in my explorer for awhile and I was just wondering if there are any decently priced kits out there. It's a Goth Explorer, so it's safe to assume the wiring needs replaced and the pots obviously do. But what all should I replace? Would it be cheaper to just buy my own wiring and individual pots and stuff?

The pick-up toggle switch needs replacing, so that's first and after that I planned to upgrade 1 volume and the tone knob, turning the volume into a master volume and dummying the other.

If I were to do individual things, here's what I've up with:




DiMarzio for the tone pot for future pick up upgrades, I'd like coil splitting. Just figured a normal gibson pot would more than suffice for the volume.

But really, how important is wiring to sound and how bad is Epiphone wire quality?
Wiring is minor, I wouldn't go tearing the whole works out and starting over. Replace parts when something actually goes wrong, not because you assume it needs to be done. Epi uses perfectly good stuff OEM. If you want to spend money on that guitar, get new pickups first.

And GC parts are really overpriced. You can get the same or better parts on eBay or Stewmac for less. DiMarzio and Gibson don't actually make pots and stuff, they just resell them with markup. Alpha, CTS, switchcraft are brands to look for.
What is your sound lacking currently that you want to improve with a wiring change (besides fixing the toggle)?

Unless your pots have absolutely no taper (the volume/tone knobs go from 10 to 2 to 0 intead of a smooth transition between 10 and 0), or are noticeably scratchy when you're using them, they should be fine.
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^+1 Epiphone uses full sized Alpha pots
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