Hey guys, posted something similar recently but was originally about a different amp head (and I didn't know my cab specs back then)...

I have a 150 watt Fender Bassman 115 cab which is 8 ohms, and I'm thinking of getting an Ampeg Micro VR 200 watt to run through it which is 4 ohms. According to what I've been told recently, this should make the amp head run at around 130 watts, as it's going into an 8 ohm cab... is this right?

Just want to make sure this configuration wont wreck the head or the cab... in case the wattage is too close to the cab's maximum handling
No issues, it'll be fine. Not really optimum for gigging though. The Micro VRs are a pretty quiet "200 watts".
Try out the Gallien Krueger MB stuff too.
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