Hi everyone,

Been going round in circles researching this for the past week, and thought i would come and ask the experts for some advice!

I am getting back into playing after 3 or so years out of practice, I have got myself a fender modern player thinline deluxe as i fell in love with it at a guitar store. My problem is, I just can't decide what amp to go for with it! Some background:

Previously I had a Roland Cube 30 and a Fender USA standard Tele, both of which due to finnancial difficulties over the past few years i no longer own. Just now I am in a one bedroomed apartment, so space and volume are my key concerns. Therefore, what Im looking for is a compact/mini amp which plays well at low volumes, is fairly inexpesive but still does the thinline tele justice!

I have been looking at the Fender Mustang Mini, Bugera V5 and the Yamaha THR5, but im not convinced the yamaha is worth the extra £? I am aware of the great reviews microcubes get, but from my past experience with the cubes they seem more geared to some heavy gain/metally stuff and Im more interested in some nice warm fuzz tones, reverbs etc. for blues and rock.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Well aside from that what is your budget, style of music and is this going to be for beedroom practice or do you eventually seek to practice with a band?
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bedroom practice only, and under 200£ (260$)

For what you are suggesting as an amp and player then man the Yamaha THR is right up your alley then.

It may be a little more but its for a reason. The moddeling is nicer than the Roland Cube and it is more geared towards rock players than metal players.

I would even take the Yamaha THR over the Mustang.

But if you really wanted to step up with your tone and join the big boys then I would honestly recomend a tube amp coupled with an overdrive.

5 or 15 watts.

Especially since you are a rock player you will apreciate the tube warmth and the fizzy break ups.

I reccomend something like this Laney LC-15 made in the UK and luckily for you in your neck of the woods these amps are amazingly affordable.

Pair that with a bad-monkey or a bbe greenscreamer and you have a sick little rig that will take you to rock n roll heaven. If you want something smaller the the Vox AC4 tv mini is also available but I would go for the laney cause it has better gain controls and tone controls.

Aside from that if you dont want to get tubes I would go for the Yamaha THR.

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Sorry the amp I suggested is beyond your budget.

In that case just go with the Yamha THR or an AC4 tube combo like this one


Can be had new for your budget and if you pair this with and OD and some other effects down the road you should be one much happy camper than with any old moddeler amp.

Either way the Yamaha THR is a good amp and its right up your alley for what you want.

Just suggeting the AC4 cause you are a rock player after all and you just cant beat that tube warmth and fizzy break up distortions. Nothing like the real thing brother.