What's Your Favorite Strings? And why?

I like to play mostly metalcore stuff, and like my guitar to be as "playable" as possible, so I really like the feel of thinner strings. But I play anything from drop d to drop b...So I kinda need a set with a heavier bottom set for a stable sound on the bottom. But not sure? I've seemed to notice a heavier string set doesn't sound as good on the top strings, and they are harder to play...

Any one with a suggestion on strings for me?

I guess basically I'd like a set that feel great, but sound great as well. Hah...Who doesn't right?

For standard to from C# i like Elixir Light Heavys, pretty much the same as the Ernie Ball one mentioned before, but I prefer Elixir because they last a lot longer for me without sounding dull
Misha Mansoor:
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Dean Markley Blue Steel 11-52s.

They last a looong time and they're nice and bright-sounding.

Remove V1 & V6. Put the 12AX7 from V1 into V6 and leave V1 empty. Try the vibrato channel.