Hi All!

So the mix for this song isn't going to change so much but since most of our songs have a similar style, I'd still be curious to hear what you guys think of it so we can apply it to our new songs.



Thanks all for your comments!
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Hey, I really liked that a lot. The balance of all the instruments was great. Nothing overpowered anything else. If I had even one qualm, it would be that while the vocalist hangs out on that heeeeey, popping up in pitch to the beat, it just felt like it needed to resolve to something lower but never did. That's just me. Everyone's ear is a little different!
This is an interesting song. I have mixed feelings on the pitch-bending-up-guitar, though it is different/interesting. Vocals are excellent/awesome! Audio quality is very good/excellent. I like the vocal melodies. Drums sound very good. The non-bending guitar parts are all very good to my ears. Very good recording/song! Please review my song at this link:

Hello, thanks for your review on my "blindead" track!

First thing i noticed roght away was how good the bass sounds! The panning of the guitars are really well placed! Drums sound great as well but i do noticed i cant really hear the bass drum all that much when guitar,bass are all playing with it. but when its just the vocals and drums i can hear it very well, the singer has a great voice! i like the echo effects. Great track!
Really catchy tune, I like the double-tracking it sounds really good with the singer's voice. The guitar seems a little repetitive during the verse, but it seems the voice is the main track here anyway.

My only complaint is that the the kick drum seems a little quiet. Other than that, I can't find anything else to point out. Good song, good mix. Good work.

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i listened to breathless.

pretty cool, good energy. Funky. Sounds like a cross between Our Lady Peace and Metric. Guitars are cool. Well recorded. I think the acoustic guitar clouds the mix up though, and you sound best with the electric instruments. sounds very offspring too...almost to the point of too similar to one of their songs that I cant put my finger on.

c4c? feel free to do just one song