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I've currently got a Squier Strat and Squier SP-10 amp, and a Boss ME-20 effects pedal. The amp seems to be horribly buzzy all the time, if the ME-20 is connected then even more so (because the ME-20 will be doing some pre-amping I imagine?) but even if just the 1/4 inch jumper cable is connected with nothing on the other end there's still a constant hum when the amp is set to anything above 1 of 10 on the volume.

I assume this is because it's a crappy amp, and its way of telling me it is time to get upgraded - and so I might be looking at a Fender Mustang I V.2 for Christmas (priced £109).

Firstly, is this a good second amp to go for? I'm still self-teaching and so it's only for practise and playing at home, there won't be any gigging. And second, is it less likely to buzz than the SP-10 does when in use?


Just do this:


chances are the buzzing is just the low budget amp but it could be your house power so try your rig at a friend's house or something.
My brother has one of those amps as well and there is a constant hum. Is it truly unbearable? If so maybe you can sell the amp to raise your budget a little.

Since you have a multi effect pedal maybe you can find a nice 5 watt tube amp, like a Bugera V5, Crate V5, Kustom Defender, or Epiphone Valve Junior. Depends on your area. As an example I bought a Crate V5 not too long ago for $160 shipped on ebay. It was new, so used you might have more options.
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The plan was to let the SP10 go once I have a replacement, but I can't see it being worth very much at all. The hum off the SP10 does make it almost unplayable, so much so I've been using Rocksmith on the PS3 over the amp and pedal, as with the amp you can hear the hum over the guitar, and it tends to distort the sound.

Tubes over here do seem to be quite pricy from what I have seen, though I've not checked out the used market yet, and the Mustang almost always has very positive reviews from what I've read on the Web.
A friend of mine has a mustang. Very nice amp indeed for that price class.

I can recommend you the Peavey Vypyr series. I'm using one currently for home practice. It's versatile and gets the job done pretty well.
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