Selling a mint condition Epiphone Sheraton from the 1990s ('97 or '98 I think), complete with Warwick hardcase, just been set up with new Elixir strings.

Sounds incredible, but I've just sold my amp and play mostly acoustic guitar or tuba, so I have no need for such a great electric guitar when I don't have an amp, and only gig with my acoustic.

I'm looking for £400 collected from York, UK (+ £25 for postage if you are in the UK, but too far to drive). I don't have a car, so cannot deliver, unfortunately.

Get in touch for more details or pictures, here is a pic with my old amp.

Well, so far theres been a little bit of interest on a Facebook group for my area. If it goes, I'll let you know, but you might be lucky.
So far no one's made me an offer (aside from an Australian chap who wanted to pay me $200, including shipping to Melbourne…so no serious ones).

£400, plus postage?
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Very interested...for when I can afford it. That's gonna be a month or two though.

Are you still interested mate?

I found out that the guitar is actually from the Samick factory, which apparently makes it more desirable? Not sure on that one, but still interesting.

I'm now looking for £350, with postage included to UK addresses - £325 if you can pick it up from York, UK.

Get on it, guys, it might not be around long.