Hi guys, im new to the forum so sorry if this has already been asked.
I sing in a punk/rock band but for some certain songs I can't help but sing with a huge amount of distortion. I'm never straining though but i just can't seem to sing certain things with a clean voice.

If i've heard someone sing the song I can usually sing it with no distortion, for example any of the covers my band plays. It's just songs i've written.

Any help you guys can give would be massively appreciated! I realise this could be a tough one to work out.
Do you do the covers live? If so, do you have issues with distortion when performing them at all?

It sounds like you are composing parts that require you to push your vocals beyond their capacity. You either miraculously found out how to do distortion safely without training or practice or you are straining and not knowing it.

The next time you practice, try pulling back a bit. Don't push or flow as much air and instead think of your voice as something light and airy. This should help. Eventually you'll be able to control which way you go and that will allow for some nice dynamics and flow.
you sound exactly like my friend matt lol. unless hes singing very quietly, he cant sing cleanly

first thing is to RELAX. in a way, one of the worst things to do when singing is to really TRY to sing. dont just half-ass it, but just let it come naturally. also, if you know anything about proper breathing, USE THE DIAPHRAGM

you want the air to flow out effortlessly from deeeep within your chest. if your throat constricts at all, its going to "build up friction" as the air tries to pass through. and of course, friction rubs away and erodes things over time

as a more exaggerated way of practicing this (and sometimes exaggerated exercises are the best for newbies), try pushing your larynx (atoms apple) down as much as you can; it should sound like youre trying to mock somebody that has a really deep voice. if you need to push it up to hit a note, youre doing it wrong. of course the natural way to sing would for your larynx to be perfectly in the middle

thats as much as i can offer without giving you an essay man. hopefully it helped. have at it, and have fun!

Edit: yawn a lot. not only will it open your air passage and help you breathe from your diaphragm, but if youre not sure how to lower your larynx, yawning will do so

double edit: forget the "mocking a deep-voiced person" part. think of opera singing instead. thats an exaggerated way of lowering your larynx
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