Hi! Just made my first ever recording; yellow ledbetter, by pearl jam. I'm a rhythm guitarist so this may not be a challenging song for some of you, but it was for me

Don't have the best quality recorder, but I did the best with what I have. I also made a few mistakes and modified the song at times (sometimes to abide to my skills, remember; rhythm player here, sometimes just for fun.) Hope you like it!


please comment and critique!
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not too bad, you're getting there! I wish you played more of the bass notes though, and some parts did sound a bit disjointed (like i guess it'd be good to try play it so the chord or note transitions sound smoother)

oh and it'd be good to play with a backing track as well!
thanks, I think a backing track would've helped the transitions a little aswell, but I couldn't get a track that sounded good with a backing track (like I said, first time ever recording so I don't have the experience.)

thanks for the critique!