hiyer guys. so i am i think taking my new acoustic to a luthier to get it properly set up as the intonation is a little out,
aaanyway my main electric a knockoff telecaster is also guilty of having poor intonation and theres a particular song my band plays that uses two different arpeggios simultaneously on these two guitars fairly high up the neck and it just sounds awful out of tune and awful.

my question really is do i really need a luthier to set up my electric?
i know the basic principles of getting the intonation in an electric guitar and from what iv seen its very easy to do. surely if the action feels ok and the intonation is spot on and there is no fret buzz or whatever then that constitutes a "set up" guitar. or does it?? i dont know i am a noob.
Is there anything else i am forgetting or havent heard of. is there any other reason to take it to a luthier and shell out 50 more smackers?
thanks in advance, Dean
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See if you can take it to a music store and get the tech to just check it out and see if it needs a setup, just to get a second opinion. If not than you should be fine.
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Intonation is easy on an electric, find a tutorial online and go for it. Just make sure you have an accurate tuner. As far as the acoustic, it's a little more tricky as they don't have any sort of adjustable saddles on the bridge, I have never tried to intonate an acoustic so I can't really comment on that one.
Make sure you actually know what you're doing when you're adjusting intonation on your electric. Otherwise you might just as well worsen things without noticing. And take your time.
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Electric intonation is really easy to fix, mate. Youtube has some awesome tutorials. Just make sure that you have a good tuner and that you really take your time.
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thanks guys, in the end i set my own intonation but also changed the song a little.
I recently bought a used MIM strat. The action on it was perfect but the intonation was off, I found it pretty easy to set, but I found it a little harder on the low strings (E and A and D a little bit). I had to pull the saddle almost all the way before getting to a good pitch. But it wasn't difficult, and it made a big difference, now these funky chords up the neck actually sound great!