OK, here is the deal...Bought a guitar about 3 months ago and proceeded to try and teach myself, I was enjoying trying to learn but at the same time felt I was missing the basics and kind of stumbling in the dark. Signed up and started taking lessons about 6 weeks ago. Working with a set of books by Hal Leonard, I am learning, so far have learned to read music again and can now download simple sheet music songs off the internet and play it.
The problem: Every time I get together with my instructor my anxiety goes threw the roof. Lessons that I practice well at home I completely F up when I have to demonstrate. At times I feel he is advancing me to fast and I have spoken up. The way we are working threw the book I feel I may be able to do the same on my own at my own pace however if I did that when I finish the third book I will be in the same jam I was in to begin with for I will not know where to go from there so that I continue to learn. There is nothing the instructor has done that makes me think he is a bad instructor and changing instructors is basically limited by those available. In short, learning to play the guitar has become no longer fun.
What would some of you do? Should I go back to trying to teach myself? Change instructors ( which may require traveling an extended distance)? Bite the bullet, quit crying, and continue on no matter how I feel? How have the rest of you learned to play????
it sounds as if your teacher makes you nervous. one thing to remember is that he does not care how good or bad you are. you may look at him and his talent/experience and be a bit intimidated but its the exact opposite with him. he wants to see you do better.
mmaybe you should go guitar shopping or something with the teacher. just do something together that allows you to see that he's just a person and not someone to be nervous around.
playing guitar isn't a competition, it's a hobby. it's not like boxers or chess players that run around saying " i'm better than you...look at my record" most of us want to see other players do well...then again, there are the occasional idiot shredders that are gonna be the next EVH.. but we acoustic players just laugh at them anyway.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)