Aight yall, I have 140 big boys to spend on a new pedal, and heres my gear so far: I have an American Tele running a TS9, compressor, Boss delay, MXR fuzz, FRV-1 reverb into a vox night train. I like playing country, Americana, Blues, folk, and reggae for the most part. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Looks like you could use a Chorus pedal. Maybe an MXR Small Clone.
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IMO EQ'S are good things to have around. chorus also would benefit you as well. Hell if you look for awhile you could get a mxr 10 band and a cheap chorus maybe a mxr, and get best bang for the buck. EBay Craigslist, tgp classifieds, etc
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Like Trashed said, I think EVERYBODY needs an EQ pedal, no matter what genre. I would be lost without my MXR 10-band.
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