Hi everyone, a while back my Orange Crush 30R amplifier sounded like a bullet got shot out of it when I was playing. I found out that one of the filter caps blew. So, I got that replaced with a new one. However, now the power won't even turn on on the amp. Any clues what could be wrong n how to fix it? I really don't want to just buy a whole brand new amp...
The amp is almost 3 years old now, so warranty is gone. Plus the warranty would've been taken away when I replaced the filter cap.
^ ok, well none of that important info was in your Original Post so I had to just ...ya know... assume some things.

soooo um. I guess take it back to whom replaced the filter cap and tell them it doesn't work?

seriously man. we're on the internet. i'm grasping at straws here. Have you checked the fuses?
Just to make things clear: Are we talking about a solid state or tube?
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i am about positively sure it is a SS. maybe an HT fuse (if they have one). how long ago was it at the tech?
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It is a solid state amp. My friend has some experience with replacing filter caps so he did it for me, maybe 5-6 months ago. He said all he did was replaced it.
Does anyone remember the thread where a cap literally shot out of their Orange, leaving a massive dent on the grille ? I thought this was the same guy at first

Honestly man, we can't help you a whole lot here. It's a cheap practice amp and solid state at that, the costs to fix it likely outweighs it's value. Unless it's something simple like a blown fuse or a bad power source...

Maybe have your friend check it out? If he's good enough to recognize the filter caps and replace them he might be able to find the problem. Since the amp won't turn on (problem in the power section) I'm betting it has something to do with the replaced filter caps , such as a broken solder joint where he replaced them.

Why were the caps replaced anyways? I can't see why that that need would ever come up on this particular amp, especially a 3yr old one
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The cap (just 1 cap) was replaced cuz I am the guy that got a dent on the grille from where the cap literally shot out.

Also, I understand that people here might not be able to tell me what's wrong. However, I do want to eliminate any easy-fix possibilities that I could probably do myself.
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Do you get any power to the amp at all, lights or anything like that?
If you do, do you get sound from the headphone out?

I agree with the above, unless it is an easy fix that someone you know can do, get a new amp.
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