Trans Euro, has a great intro and build up.
Great dark and discordant at times which gives the track something unexpected.
Breakdown is really cool! And bleeds right back into that great build up again.

That's a cool jam.

This World, Nice bass line. This has been well written and that chunky low bit is awesome.
Middle kinda turns all Terminator on us.

Can you give me some feedback?
Trans Euro: I like the bell-like synth it gives the tune a nice effect. The cow bell beat is great too. (Insert BOC reference here) Overall the song has a very nice flow and the bridge/outro part is pretty epic. I have heard your music before and it's always been very good IMO. Keep it up.

This World: A little bit different, the bass line is pretty badass in the beginning. Coupled with the vocals, it gives the song an 80s vibe. The dirty bass in the middle transitions into a part that I can only say reminds me of the song from "Super Mario 64" before you enter one of Bowser's lairs lol. This song was my favorite of the two, I felt like I was at an arcade haha (I mean that as a compliment).
My name is Ryan and I play the bass guitar.
Sounds like an interesting lucid nightmare you don`t want to exit. It`s great!
Thanks for the feedback on my stuff, I tried to improve the sound, you can check it out if you want

Heya Aaron,

Trans Euro sounds great, I like the composition and that intro percussion that is bouncing right and left. The mix is perfect to my ears and system. The melody you have coming in at about 1:00 with the out of tune notes kind of shocked me out of the nice reverie I had gone into listening to the first part of the song. But that could be just my personal taste/particular set of ears coming into play there, of course. Overall, nice work as always though!

I'm listening to these on my laptop, so I can't comment much on the "mix".

Trans Euro: I love the beat, really catchy. The bell-like melody that pops in around 1:00 surprised me, but it really keeps you on your feet while listening to the song, which I think is a good thing.

This World: The entire theme of this song is very "80s", however I must comment on the vocals a little bit. It seems like you're applying effects quite unnecessarily to dilute vocal impurities, and that mass of effects kind of jars my ears a little bit. Other than that, the beat itself is pretty interesting, and I love the way you isolate it at the end.

Very good work, man! Would love to hear more from ya. Would also love if you checked out some of my stuff here:
Tran Euro - Like the intro before the lead, pretty good all in all. I like the strangeness of the electronic drums.

This world - Reminds me quite a bit of a modern day Doom remix that kept the original MIDI guitar. Liked the chanting quite a bit. Can't say the same for the lyrical parts.

Sorry if it's not very helpful, I'm just not that much into this genre of music. Thanks, either way!
Trans Euro
A good instrumental. Good structure and interesting to listen to. Interesting use of cowbells (?) in there.

This World
As usual, your style is reminiscent of 80s electronic music. The vocal line is haunting, and the structure of the song is really good. I can see how some people might not like some parts of this song (vocals in particular) but I think it works and fits the song well.

No complaints for either song. Good work!

Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1624189
Trans Euro:
Great syncopation with the percussion throughout, love that Moog-style brass that comes in with the chords at 0:20. Same for the Sega Arcade style lead synth. The discordant lead in the 'B' section is very fresh. The drum breakdown at around 2 minutes keeps the song interesting for the final build up. All round good production - maybe needs a little more punch, but I am listening through headphones at the moment. I can imagine this being on a Kitsune Maison compilation, so you've hit the right sort of sound.

My two critiques would be 1) I don't feel that the bass needs to be so, well, basic - it follows the kick pattern and root notes for pretty much the entire song, you could definitely add some extra groove here. 2) A fade out is a good choice, but whilst I like the first lead melody, I don't know if it needs to come in again at the end - a new, more rhythmic idea to fade out on feels appropriate to me. Maybe some extra percussion sounds with a breakbeat kind of feel.

This World:
Kind of Post-Punk sounding to me. I don't have too much useful to say about this because it is not to my tastes. I like some of the ambient effects, most noticeable around 1:40, and that whole aah part has a good harmony that sticks. But I find something about the song quite vulgar - I think it is just that some of the synth sounds and the drum tone come off too electronic, and kind of naff - which is odd because the overall production is solid. When I put 2 and 2 together and consider the deliberately declamatory vocals, I assume this is a style you were going for.
hahaha trans euro is so good! Its so cheesy and happy and i love it! Im just imagining like me backpacking through europe walking and bopping along to this song and meeting loads of cool people along the way! Sweet song mean well done!

Man you would of been a hit in the 80's!! This world is so haunting! I like the vocals a lot man its like your a vampire who's come to take over the world with great music!! i love the chunky bass throughout this ! Well done man! And by george youv written a lot of songs!
so I really dugged the trans euro vibe especially that drum break down that starts around 1.55. the only thing I could say that I would personally change if i was in the situation would be the lead line that ends the song.....maybe do a little tweaking on the sound itself but still use it in the composition. But I suppose thats a personal thing.
Trans Euro:
I really dig the song, especially the bell sounding solo around 1:00. The mix sounds really good as well. The song is really catchy!

This World:
The song has a cool 80s vibe that I like. The only thing I'm not really fond of is the vocals during the verses, because it's almost impossible to discern what you're saying (which could be intended). But other than that, it sounds awesome!
Trans Euro: Really like the bass line and ring mod bells. The synths are nicely intense and work well with the percussion. Not usually a fan of electronica and would like to hear more than just software instruments but overall I really liked it.

This World: Apart from the vocals I was highly impressed with the tones and arrangement. The dynamic between the heavy riff and the ska-like guitar part works really well. Would be nice to have more variation with the piece.

Pretty cool stuff overall man.
I dig the musical ideas in Trans Euro, the build is digestible and interesting. I would encourage doing more unique things per verse, maybe adding a harmony or something?

Your mix sounds really sterile and thrown together to me, honestly. I would play around with saturation to help your synths sit better within the mix. It might also be worth sweeping with an EQ to find any harmful harmonics that may be taking up space from your percussion in the piece.

I like your approach (musically, that is), keep it up man!
Trans euro
I really like this 80s vibe. That synth lead is awesome. When those bells comes after there are some weird harmonies going on. Overall good song!
This World
I like that bass intro, it remainds me depeche mode. Here is too some 80s vibes. Your singing sounds kinda weird cause of those effects but it sits nicely in this song. Nice pannin. This is too good song, nice work!
Listened to Trans euro. I dig the vibe of this song. Ur really good at creating this style of music. Theres so many instruments and stuff going on, it must be very tough to mix this. Overall i liked it man, great job!
Critting as I go:
Trans Euro: I like the drum intro, and i like the bass melody that it goes into. The additions of the synthy sounding ?horn? section right after is neat. Then it goes into the synth melody, I dig this melody too. Sounds like something from an 80s video game! The part at 1:00 I dont like, i dont like the sound of the main instrument playing the melody there, the melody is fine, but the synth sounded weird. Then the return to the main melody is cool though, its flowed quite well. 1:40 it goes back, eh, i just dont like the low chime sound. idk. The drum fill after though is quite neat, with the bass and stuff. I dig that man! From that point to the end, I loved it! Ig my crit is, if u had like a higher chime-y like sound, instead of the low one, this song would be so much better. But as it is, I like it, id give it a 9/10.
This world: Wow, this is probably the heaviest thing ive ever heard u make! I dig this man! I like the vocals, the way they add almost a spooky vibe. For whatever reason, they remind me of marilyn manson. I dig this a lot! There's not much else i can say about this one! Loved it! Probably my now second favorite song by u!
Trans Euro:
Maybe the synth melody can be brought in a lot more subtle, say, with a swell before it actually hits. I miss some acoustic stuff, or a punchline like say, a vocal? Nice drum fills and panning, but don't make it too much of a "thing". The chorus, so to speak clashes a little because of your use of blue notes, but it's cool, gives it a bit of a weird edge.

Overall I personally think if you would do this song with a band or something it would really come alive! (I miss the dynamics a lil'...) Sure is a catchy tune tho!

This world:
I miss hi hats in the beginning! Very nice play off between guitar and synth, though I don't like the sound of the synth thing that ends (the one with a guitar like sound). Drums; change the velocity now and then, maybe the layer the kick drum with another more subby kick, this ones got a nice "click" to it but lacks some punch..? I really like the vocals and the overall "riff" thats made of multiple riffs.. very nice.
Trans Euro: pretty interesting song. The first minute was very catchy, and had a nice 80s feel to it in my opinion. When the bells came in at 1:00, I wasn't a fan of the dissonance. I think it'd sound nicer if it was in key. Besides the bell, it was a really strong song, good job!

This World: had a much different feel to it haha. The distortion part at 1:08 and throughout could've sounded better if it was a little heavier. Very interesting vocals, but they work.
Hey there, sorry for taking so long to get back, very busy weekend. Anywho....

Trans Euro: Pretty much a lot of the same thing as everyone else was saying, I love the intro and the bass groove was very nice and catchy, and the overall song had a really nice atmosphere to it. The song had a really nice flow and clean transitions. The bells did sound a little rough, but nothing too rough to take away negatively from the song. Like I said, it was a really smooth, easy listening track that makes some really pleasing background music. I enjoyed it a lot.

Also thanks for the tips about the drums in my piece, I plan on getting EZ Drummer in the next couple of weeks. Luck to you man
Trans Euro: cool intro and melody, I like the main synth melody that begins and is heard throughout the song, you probably did it on purpose but the bells that come in around 2 times sound a little off. Overall it was enjoyable.

This world: Interesting song overall. Couple things is that I couldn't really understand what you were saying because they are really layered with effects, also there's an effect that sounds kinda cheap sounding in there, I don't know what to call it but it sticks out because it sounds cheap. It's like the light guitar sound not the heavy one...