Have you ever heard about *** pedal and ****** pedals?What is the difference?Which modle do you recommend first?I have do some search on the web,and can find *** pedal on ********** and amazon,but as to ****** pedal,I can only find on **********,it seems their won rebrand.My friend have bought one ****** chorus pedal,but have received it.Now I just want to find more review about ****** pedal or *** pedal,then I can make a decision,I have US$100 for two or three pedals.
Any body can give me some advice?
They're super shitty and they hire people like you to pretend you're interested in their shitty products instead of an actual consumer.

If anyone at Donner is reading this, knock it off. We're going to keep banning these accounts and telling everyone what awful people you are.

If anyone is finding this by googling Donner Pedals, spend your money with someone who doesn't have to hire fake customers. Screw these guys.