Hi, I was looking for guitars and saw this brand. I was able to read some reviews and it's confusing because some say it's really good and some say it's really bad. Can someone please answer truthfully maybe from experience or such cause I'm planning on buying one and don't want my money to be wasted.
from what ive seen in the past its a bit hit and miss, mainly hits though. I know people that swear by the 2x12 cabs they make.
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Well the 2x12 cabs come loaded with celestions so yea but there guitars are garbage...inexpensive grabage though.
Well, you can't expect a lot from so cheap guitar. My friend has a Harley Benton Strat copy and it's a basic starter pack guitar. I'm pretty sure many starter packs come from the same factory but just get a different brand name in the headstock. Harley Bentons are only sold in Thomann. Some other music stores have their own cheap house brands. As I said, they all might even come from the same factory.

I wouldn't buy one if you are looking for decent quality. You need to spend a bit more. Just €100 more and you'll get a much better instrument.

It might be that they have some better models and some worse models (and some of them are actually pretty good). But yeah, look at the price. Usually you get what you pay for. The quality can't be amazing.
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Well the 2x12 cabs come loaded with celestions so yea but there guitars are garbage...inexpensive grabage though.

yep, that's the G212 Vintage cab they do - Great price considering it has Celestion V30s - the cabinet itself is almost free

I've only ever seen one harley benton guitar (a les paul copy). It did the job adequately (nothing more), but it was pretty poor quality really. The main thing I remember was the excess glue around the nut which was slotted badly. You can get a much better for just a little bit more money imo.
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The Harley Benton guitars are made in the same Asian factories (Saein/Shine for example) where other wellknown brands get their guitars made for more than double the price...

The key to their cheap price is the direct way from the factory to the retailer without big mother companies to hold up their hands and no wholesale fees...

Even they are cheap, every one gets inspected at thomann, the bad ones end up in their annual fleamarket in July

bought a (broken) Tele-clone for 40 Euro at their fleamarket, fixed it for 12,50 Euro
not worse than a 200 Euro Squier Affinity-Tele

they are entry-level guitars, worth every Euro - no more no less

Here is more information and pics about the guitars and the mastermind behind the brand, though it's German, just use a translator



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they are entry-level guitars, worth every Euro - no more no less


I have some experience with other Harley Benton products, and it basically applies to all of them: You can get better products, but for more money. There migth be other brands that have similar products for a similar price, but you are generally better off buying cheap Harley Benton products than the cheap ones of any other (otherwise high-quality) brand.

But if you have the money, you definitely should go buy an Fender, Ibanez, ESP...
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rokai89 yes! I would definatly recommend one my favourite one so far is the harley Benton s-620 TR rock series with a floyd rose locking tremolo system
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