Yo so I'm learning solos here and there to work on my lead, and I've noticed a lot of the blood flowing, heart wrenching solos have some extremely sick vibratoand bluesy sounding... feel/technique.

Can anybody recommend me blues bands/artists? Already familiarized myself with Hendrix, I just haven't played everything he has yet.

I want to incorporate that feel into my style. It sounds much sexier than rapid fire notes IMO.
There are many styles within blues, and then we have early rock bands that were heavily influenced by blues. But i am just going to give you some of my favorites that i learn from, some might be more old school and some might be more modern, some might be more pure blues and some might be more blues rock, but i hope you can enjoy their playing anyway.

My personal favorite: Stevie Ray Vaughan

Then: Albert Collings, Albert King, Freddie King, BB King, Johnny Winter, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Joe Bonamassa, Tommy Castro, Chris Duarte, Jonny Lang, Tab Benoit, Greg Koch, Robben Ford, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Eric Clapton.

Then early bands like Led Zeppelin, Cream, ZZ Top, Free. Some Rock 'n' roll aswell such as Chuck Berry and Elvis.

Hope you find something that floats your boat, keep on playing the blues man.
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T-Bone walker, B.B. King, Michael Bloomfield, Hubert Sumlin, Chuck Berry, Lonnie Johnson, Otis Rush, Muddy Waters Robbie Robertson.
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My personal favorite: Stevie Ray Vaughan


EDIT: dunno about robben ford, though, if you like him i think it's the law that you have to sign up to TGP to talk about chirp and bloom.

just kidding, i like RF too.
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Blues is all about emotion, improvisation, and vibrato. That being said look up a few lessons online and practice passionately. Three bluesmen I'd recommend are Robert Johnson (King of the Delta Blues, Eric Clapton's hero, and Grandfather of Heavy Metal), BB King (best vibrato, super passionate, and Eric Clapton considers him his superior), and Howlin' Wolf (added aggression to the blues and has great technique too). They are widely considered the best Blues Guitarist ever. Enjoy.