Greetings, everyone.

Without further wasting your time, and I do apologize: I'm in trouble!

I've a 2 Dimarzio humbucker equipped guitar with 1 volume pot and a Fender 5-way Superswitch, all through a pickguard.

I followed the wiring diagram on guitarelectronics.com:

[forbidden link]

I followed the diagram closely, at least I thought I did. After I was done soldering I plugged the guitar to my amp to test my "new and awesome" sounds. To my surprise there was no sound. No hiss, no buzz, no crackling, nothing. Nothing on any of the 5 positions and no response from the volume pot. After throwing a chair through my bedroom window I tried another guitar cord.. Nothing. So, I went to my second amp and plugged my now piece of ship guitar in. Well, by now I've come to the conclusion that I messed something up wiring that son of a moose. The guitar cords alone plugged into both amps buzzed happily when touched.

So I opened up the guitar to check out if any wires were loose and to see if anything had been soldered to the wrong place. Everything seemed to be like in the provided website link. I made sure I used the Dimarzio color codes correctly. Out of frustration (because I broke my high e string in the process ) I cut my jack wires off and am starting all over next thing tomorrow.

Stupid? You bet but I like to be thorough. I guess what my question is is as follows:

What could be the cause for a guitar to completely lose it's ability to generate sounds other than acousticly?

Could a ground loop of some sort be the culprit? A silly question, sure.

Feel free to share your thoughts or to just call me a homo.

Thank you in advance!
Replying to myself, sorry,

The link seems to be forbidden for some reason. In case you'd like to know, the idea of the wiring was:

Position 1: Bridge humbucker in series.
Pos, 2: Bridge south coil + neck north coil in parallel.
3: Neck in series+ bridge in series.
4: Neck south + bridge north in parallel.
5: Neck humbucker in series.
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Since you are getting no noise of any kind, you have a short to ground somewhere in the guitar. Look over your wiring and solder joints very carefully. Be sure that nothing is touching the shielding paint in the control cavity as well.
Thank you for your trouble. As expected I had a faulty grounding quickly fixed following the star grounding method. I didn't actually find out which particular part in the wiring eventually caused the problem, but am glad everything's now working properly.

Again, your time is much appreciated.