This is one of my favorite Floyd songs. Let's get down to it...

Thanks for taking the time to post your recording. Constructive criticsm... Your timing is a little off. The parts you recorded lead with rhythm had some timing issues and it didn't appear to be the result of latency. You just need to focus a bit harder on keeping everything tight and in time. Also, the lead playing is a bit loose and not as tight/sharp as it could be. Not sure how long you've been playing, but there are all things that can be improved with practice.

The vocals were decent - not a bad job. The rhythm playing was also fairly decent. It definitely takes a lot of courage and guts to put yourself out there and let us critique your work. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Hey ziphyx,

Just wanted to give you some additional feedback on top of what kg6 Steven said. I think you might have overdone the effects, especially on the rhythm guitar. I get you we're going for the original sound -- but sometimes less is more in this regard. Solos could be a little tighter, which comes with time, I'm confident you'll get there shortly. As far as the video itself goes, maybe consider leaving out the picture in picture of you singing in the lower octave? It gets a little distracting, but maybe that's just me. Anyways good luck and keep playing!
Thanks for the feedback and compliments guys.
I agree with both of you that the solo's could have been a bit tighter, but I wasn't going for a 'perfect cover' so I gave it a few tries and stopped when I thought it was decent enough
Concerning the timing I agree too, but I find it fairly hard to do the timing correctly, but indeed that will probably come with time and practice, I've been playing for about 4 years though I do not find the time to practice much, so that's why I still kind off suck at solo's.
I also agree on overdoing the effects, fact is, I accidentally left chorus on on my acoustic guitar (it's a build in effect) and stupidly I didn't realise so yeah. Apart from that I only used a delay and overdrive (both just lightly).
The picture with me singing the lower octave I left in deliberately because otherwise people would criticise that I was using background vocals of some sort. So I only put that in to show that it was actually me singing it.

Anyways thanks for the feedback, I will keep that in mind in future video's