I've always wanted to learn piano, but there's no room for one in my apartment. Instead, I was hoping to buy a keyboard to learn on. I don't really know much about them, and was wondering if anybody here could help me find one that would work with my laptop so I could run synths from Ableton Live 9 on it, and be able to record parts in Ableton using the keyboard. I'm not looking for anything expensive, just a cheap keyboard to learn on and for fun; any suggestions?
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I've got an M-Audio Oxygen 61. It's really great for what I use it. Don't expect some real piano feel keys on anything cheap though. If you think you are gonna keep up with playing piano, I recommend purchasing something with 88 keys. You won't notice a big difference early, but later on, you will.
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This would work if ableton accepts the qwerty keyboard as a midi input.

It does... ?

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akai or korg
m-audio sucks cos pro tools (more like amateur tools right hmu if u agre)

M8 hmu on something still kinda cheap but also decent then by either then yeh? I still havent bought this keystation yet and Ive gotta get a keyboard anyway
I got a keystation 49 for dirt cheap out of cash generators last week but aint really used it much because lol notes

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I use this with my Korg X50. Would recommend. And like others have said, if you want to actually play like proper piano but don't want a piano you're gonna need something with 88 keys (weighted keys will help a bunch too), which will probably set you back a bit. Otherwise, if you just want to record some synths and stuff any of the cheaper midi/usb keyboards that have already been posted will work fine.

I really regret getting rid of my piano, it was old and slightly out of tune but there's nothing quite like playing a real piano.
Is there anything else I'd need for it to work with my laptop? Any special cord or interface?
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Is there anything else I'd need for it to work with my laptop? Any special cord or interface?

Most have midi output you'd either have ableton find it, or it'd sync automatically.

And yes you can play notes on a qwerty keyboard like a piano...sorta, FL studio I use it to play samples and see how things sound, otherwise it'd be far more tedious. I think they might use a double keyboard thing from top alphabet/number, then bottom alphabet with the #/b being in the row the home keys are on. 3 octaves, 2.5?

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Ableton has a similar feature, but it doesn't cover much more than an octave. If I remember right, home row is natural notes, row above is the black keys.