Hey guys. I'm kinda new to this so don't go hard on me?

What happens when, in the 5 way switch, you solder the hot wire and the humbucking wire reverse? Can anyone tell me plz? Thx

I got an RG350DXΖ with a dimarzio evo wired in HSH

(SIDENOTE: I don't plan on doing this, I'm just asking...)
Yeah, I think you lost me on that one, too. Please explain exactly what you're trying to do.
My pickup came with 4 wires. The red one (hot), the white and black ones (humbucking wires) and the green and bare (ground). What I'm asking is:

What will happen if, in my 5-way, I put the hot and the white&black wires in the reverse order?
If the two "humbucking wires" are just soldered together and taped off, swapping them will disable one of the coils. Since the other wire would now be unconnected, it would add noise to the circuit.

If the "humbucking" wires were connected somewhere, what would happen depends on where they were connected.